Secure Digital Asset Delivery

Be it video games, movies, digital ads, HD photos or structured data, Nuxeo helps companies around the world safely deliver sensitive digital assets and intellectual property to the correct recipient with speed and efficiency.

Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts (EA) ensures its business success through secure global delivery of video game builds using the Nuxeo Platform for digital asset management. Read the case study >


« We need to implement military-style clearance (multiple independent levels of security) to access assets. »


« Access must be restricted to specific asset renditions depending on context. »


« I need to implement advanced, dynamic approval processes to assets and/or renditions for my team. »


« We need to securely distribute large HD videos from CloudFront at enterprise scale. »


« I want to quickly view which managers granted user requests for high res media downloads, by month. »

Why Us

The Nuxeo Advantage:

  • Schema-flexible content model
  • Can be faceted for fast evolving models
  • Support of thousands of fields per object

Secure access is just part of Nuxeo - a complete enterprise-grade business application development platform

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Battle-Tested for Critical Workloads

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