Hybrid Architecture for Unmatched Performance & Scalability

Scalability and performance are at the forefront of many enterprise content management challenges. The Nuxeo Platform delivers unmatched performance results and incredible scale – and we have the benchmark results to prove it.

The Nuxeo Platform provides exceptional performance and scalability for your content-critical applications, through its support for distributed architecture at the repository level (scale-up) as well as the query processing level (scale-out). Designed to provide “future-proof” flexibility, the Nuxeo Platform offers key implementation options to always remain ahead of your fast-changing business needs, including:

One billion documents: The proof is in the benchmarks

Nuxeo’s hybrid architecture approach has been validated through constant testing and benchmarking – to the tune of one billion documents. The most recent Nuxeo benchmark using an average cloud instance, with complex content objects (40+ properties) and NoSQL (MongoDB) storage backend, yielded these results:

More details about our benchmarks, including hardware, setup and code source details, are available on our dedicated benchmarking website!

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A company culture of quality code, testing and benchmarking

When we describe the Nuxeo Platform as “created by developers, for developers”… We mean it! Nuxeo is constantly developing new capabilities and enhancing the platform and its many plugin modules and connectors, in multiple environments, while always applying continuous integration (CI) rules to check code quality and receive early warnings of any potential problems. Benchmarks and tests are automatically performed every evening to ensure performance has not been adversely impacted by any new development. Additionally, Nuxeo customers are provided with the same testing and benchmarking tooling used by our own development and QA teams, including Funkload, a functional and load web tester developed by Nuxeo providing customizable performance, load and stress testing to identify web application bottlenecks, expose bugs and recoverability with full reporting. Other high-quality tools in use include Gatling for serious stress testing of the Nuxeo REST API. Of course, full documentation is provided with recommendations to correctly size your Nuxeo Platform-based applications and key performance metrics to monitor during bench tests.

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